For the setting of the preliminary task we wanted somewhere which looked grungy and rough, like an old basement or run down building. We knew this would be hard to find as we had to find somewhere like it at school. We firstly looked around the school’s old water tower. We were told that this had been used in previous years for media projects. The outside of the tower was perfect and looked how we wanted it to for the task but when we went inside we realised that it wasn’t practical place to film. There was a small ladder leading into a room in the tower but it wasn’t safe to be carrying filming equipment and to have to always be going up and down it.

We also decided to look at some old storage lock ups in school. They looked really good and dark but we realised that we wouldn’t be able to fit in a table or any props as it was too small. We also would have to find a way to use electricity in there.

After this we got shown around the old boiler room. It was underground and we knew straight away that it was right for the film. Inside there are a lot of pipes and machines, these will look good in the background of the film. We also had to check see if there was electricity down there so we could add in lights and other props.


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