Eliza to Carlos *whispering* Carlos is facing away from Bindley talking to her

Bindley: *clears his throat*

*whispering continues*

*whispering stops and Eliza nods in the direction of Bindley, Carlos turns around and pours a glass of whiskey*

Carlos: *takes a sip of whiskey* Have you got the package?

Bindley: *slight pause* well…er…you see boss, made a deal- a transaction, you know so er…er no-

Carlos: what do you mean exactly by ‘a transaction’?

Bindley: Well er you know what it’s like n’ all, its business-

Carlos: Who exactly gave you permission to do this ‘transaction’?

*Bindley silent*

Carlos: Hmm? It’s a simple question! I want to know who!

Bindley: *mutters under breath* no one boss

Carlos: Excuse me? Speak up boy

Bindley: No one boss

Carlos: Do you think this is a fucking game?


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