The Hole- How does the director use technical elements to create tension?

Mise en scene:

The director uses the characters movement and positioning to indicate her emotions and what has happened. By the first shot of her she is hunched over with her head down stumbling along the road. This suggests that she has been physically hurt and is feeling weak. This makes the audience sympathise towards her as she is clearly in a bad way. The director also uses the costume to connote that the character has been through a lot of trauma and distress. The socks she’s wearing are worn away at the heel, which suggests that she’s been missing and trying to find her way home for a long period of time. They are also ripped and covered in blood which goes up her leg this also suggests that she has been neglected. This makes the audience wonder what happened to her and leaves them asking questions. Throughout the clip the girl is the only person there, this shows how lonely she is even once she has found where she was going. The setting looks like there was recently some sort of fair or fete but as no one is there it gives the audience an eerie and deserted atmosphere.


At the beginning of the clip while the opening credits are shown the director uses ambient sounds of the characters heavy breathes and emphasises it. This makes the audience feel close up and personal to the character as it feels as if you’re there with them. Along with this also a loud thumping sound is being played, this ambient non diegetic sound makes the audience feel tense and anxious. The diegetic sound of buzzing flies gives the impression of dead bodies and strong smells. This shows that the character has been missing for a long time as she is dirty.


The titles at the beginning of the torch lighting up the writing shows a sense of unknown and keeps the audience engaged. The opening of the clip the director uses motivated cuts showing the missing posters of the character. This creates a sense of mysteriousness as the audience are waiting to see what’s on the poster.  The camera shots which the director uses frequently are over the shoulder shots. This gives the audience a sense of seeing what the character is seeing. They have also used close up shots such as of the characters cut feet, this shows the audience the struggle of what the character has been through. Each cut pans through to one another between showing the journey of the character. At the end of the clip the director uses three quick establishing shots of the boarding school.


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