Trip to the Picture House

On Monday 31st October we went to Norwich on a trip to the Picture house.

We went to see ‘A Touch of Evil’ which is a 1958 American filmImage result for norwich cinema city noir crime thriller, directed by Orson Welles and produced by Albert Zugsmith. It was Orson Welles’ fifth Hollywood film and it was his last American film. The film is based on the ‘Badge of Evil’ 1956 novel.

The film was known to be a box-office failure and was criticized at the time in America but overtime it has been ranked as the classic B-movie of the silver screen. It has now won awards such as Best Picture at the Brussels Film Festival.

Image result for a touch of evilSummary:

  • The film located between the border from Mexico and the U.S. when two characters are killed when a time bomb explodes in their car.
  • Since the bomb was planted in Mexico, Mexican agent Mike Vargas (Charlton Heston) up with corrupt American cops Hank Quinlan (Orson Welles) to solve the murders. Meanwhile, Mike’s new wife Susie (Janet Leight) is accompanying him.
  • Sanchez is one of the suspects for the murder as he worked for a construction company and had access to dynamite. Quinlan plants evidence on Sanchez and Mike accuses him of framing Sanchez. One of the Grandes leads a gang and kidnaps Susie from her motel.
  • Mike the finds out the truth and accuses Quinlan of planting evidence on Sanchez.
  • Learning that Susie’s been kidnapped by the Grandes, Mike drives back to Mexico to find her.
  • Quinlan strangles Uncle Joe to death. Susie is arrested for drug possession and Uncle Joe’s murder. Quinlan shoots Menzies and then tries to kill Mike, but in a final act, Menzies shoots Quinlan dead and then dies.






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