Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock,_Alfred_02Alfred Hitchcock was born in England in 1915 his is interest in film started form when he would always visit the cinema, this made him then join the film industry in 1920. His first time directing a film was in 1923 when the director of ‘Always Tell Your Wife’ fell ill and was asked to complete the film. After this Hitchcock directed his own film later that year called ‘Number 13’. Hitchcock then carried on directing films but he then made his first trademark film in 1927. After this he married Alma Reville, who worked with him in the industry. Hitchcock started to get noticed in America during 1939 when he directed ‘Jamaica Inn’. In 1960 he directed ‘Psycho’, a thriller which gave him a lot of fame and recognition. In 1979 he was then awarded the AFI Life Achievement Award. Hitchcock preferred the use of suspense over surprise in his films, he did so by using the Ticking Bomb Theory. The build up causing the suspense and fear for the audience.

“Blondes make the best victims. They’re like the virgin snow that shows up the bloody victim”

“You are only responsible for what’s in frame”

“Silence is a sound too”

“It’s what you don’t see that frightens you, what your mind fills in, implicit usually being more terrifying than the explicit”

Restricted: The audience isn’t aware of what will happen (eg. a bomb).

Unrestricted: The audience is aware of what will happen but the characters aren’t.




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