Eve –img_20170122_100848943 Alexandra Ashby

Alexandra plays the main character ‘Eve’ and she was the perfect actress for the film. She owned the barns on the filming location so it means it was easily accessible and if we needed to film any extra bits we could. She also was the perfect age as she is only 15 so she isn’t too young to not understand what situation she is in but as she’s young the audience will still have more empathy for her.


IMG_20170122_100957663.jpgMilo MacCallum

Milo plays the main character’s (Eve) little brother. He was key in the film because I wanted someone else to have seen Eve being taken away but someone who couldn’t completely understand what was going on and that helped because of his age. 




img_20170122_104632870Ruben Neviazsky

Ruben plays the other main character. I decided to keep him name less as it adds a sense of mysteriousness as to who he is. He was really good because although he isn’t very old I wanted someone who looked like they had grown up knowing and being taught about the experiment, (hence why he has to capture Eve).







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