Equipment, Props and Costume

Filming Equipment:

For the filming equipment, I used a tripod and camera. The tripod really helped as it meant I could stabilize the shots and it especially helped for the scene of recreating the security camera so I could have a still point of view shot but also be high enough. This also helped when filming the shot of Alexandra and Milo running close up to long shot because I could move the camera easily while moving. For the camera, I used a Sony A6300 with a 16-50 mm lens. This then made the filming process quicker as I could have more of a variety in zoomed in and out shots.


For the props, we firstly needed rope which we could then tie Alexandra in. This was so the capturing and taking her to the location of the water tower looked as real as possible. As well as rope, I also used duct tape to tape her mouth shut.  For the middle of the film I used my mum’s car as what Ruben would take Alexandra in. In the centre of the cars dashboard is a Hawaiian hoola girl. This prop is normal and mundane, which represents happy and fun things. it’s also a girl dancing happily but this then gives a high contrast to the actions of the situation happening in the car. It shows how twisted Rubens character is and reflects that he as a person has two different types of lives. The fact that he is capturing a girl and has her in the boot of his car while looking at a hoola girl shows his switch is personalities.

For the scenes of her inside the barns I used a chair and a hammer. The one chair by itself in an open space emphasised how she was ‘the last one’ and her single importance. I decided to use a hammer as the last prop as firstly it was easily accessible as a weapon unlike a gun. I also like it because it’s different to what most films use such as a knife or gun and because it’s an object which is so commonly used it can scare the audience more as you usually associate a hammer with something as simple as putting a shelf up not harming someone.

Characters Costume:

As the characters are running after just waking up they are both wearing pyjama type clothing.

Eve (Alexandra):

Alexandra is wearing a loose check shirt which isn’t buttoned up straight as I thought this would look effective like she just chucked it on after waking up. Underneath she is just wearing plain black leggings. She is also wearing slip on boots as they’re something she can easily put on and run with.

For Alexandra’s makeup, I decided that she wouldn’t be wearing any but I used brown eyeshadow to create dark circles underneath her eyes as if she has been through a lot of trauma. I also put some around parts of her face to make her look bruised and mistreated. I also made her lips look really dry and sore using powder and red food colouring. For her hair, I also told her not to brush it or wash it to make it look more rough.


Milo is wearing his pyjamas as that’s what looks realistic as its set in the morning.

For milo, I used hair gel to make his hair look scruffier. I also used brown eyeshadow on his face to, like Alexandra, make him look bruised.


Ruben is wearing a light brown jacket, some chord shirt and navy trousers. He is also wearing big heavy steel toe caped shoes. These give the impression that he is very serious and often has to do a lot of the manual and physical work.

I decided to use gel to slick his hair back and give him a middle parting. I think that this made his character also look slick and as if he does shady business.


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