The location for my film was perfect as it was in my neighbour’s (Alexandra the main character) fields behind their house, this meant it was a lot easier to make sure we had everything we needed and could go back whenever I needed to film extra bits. It was also really easily accessible through a track behind their house which lead up to the water tower and fields.


I knew of this water tower and thought it would fit really well with what I wanted to film as it looks really run down and spooky. The windows are smashed and doors are bordered up which makes it look abandoned. However, the problem was that i couldn’t actually get into the building because it was padlocked. I then decided that I wanted to still use if for establishing shots and that I will try and work around the building but not actually using it inside. 

For filming inside, my neighbours also own some old barns which also looked very rustic. These were really good to use as inside they were empty so we could easily add in any props that we needed. The one thing was that because we were filming in the middle of the day the sun kept img_20170122_131034842coming through the door which was very old, meaning it didn’t look as spooky as I wanted. There was one light in the barn but it wasn’t as bright as I wanted so I ended up just using the torch on my phone. I really liked the effect this gave because it made it emphasise and light up the character.



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