The Plot

The plot of my film is about a cooperation which is only known as ‘4579’ to the government. It has been running for nearly 50 years which involves experimenting on humans. This cooperation breeds younger generations from the 6 chosen ones. Eves parents were a part of this experimentation but they got murdered after planning Eves escape route out. Eve was then adopted to a secret service family and brought up in the countryside with her and her younger brother (not genetic) and her new identity. For years, the government have been trying to track down this cooperation and they soon get close they just need to gain evidence from someone on the inside to close the case. However, the founders task is to also now find all the remaining chosen ones (including Eve) before the government does and she releases all information about them. Each person in the experiment was burned the co operations logo on their neck so they will never forget about it and so they could be identified.

In the film, it shows Eve being found by the cooperation and her brother being able to escape and run off. She is taken to another location and is unconscious after being tied to a chair. As she wakes up she remembers where she is and recognises the room, the same room where experiments would take place on her as a young child. The cooperation then comes in and she gets hit with a hammer, but is she still alive or not?


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