Case 39

Case_39Case 39 is a 2009 American supernatural psychological horror film directed by Christian Alvart. The film was shot in Vancouver in late 2006 and was released theatrically in the UK, European and Latin American countries on August 13, 2009.


Social worker Emily Jenkins (Renée Zellweger) is assigned to investigate the family of ten year-old Lilith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland. Emily suspects that the parents have been mistreating Lilith, and proposes to her department to take the child away from her parents’ custody. Emily’s fears are confirmed when Lilith’s parents try to kill her. Emily saves Lilith with the help of Detective Mike Barron (Ian McShane). Lilith is originally sent to a children’s home, but she begs Emily to look after her instead. In the meantime, Lilith’s parents, Edward and Margaret (Callum Keith Rennie and Kerry O’Malley), are placed in a mental institution.Case 39 HQ Screencaps from Beautiful Jodelle

Not too long after Lilith moves in, strange things begin to happen around Emily. Emily gradually becomes fearful of having Lilith in her home, so she heads to the mental asylum for answers from Lilith’s parents. They tell her that Lilith is a demon who feeds on feelings, and that they tried to kill her in an attempt to save them. Lilith’s father tells Emily that the only way to kill Lilith is to get her to sleep. Shortly after Emily leaves the asylum, both parents die in unusual circumstances. After realizing all her closest colleagues have died, this prompts Emily to serve Lilith tea spiked with sedative. While Lilith is asleep, Emily sets fire to her house, hoping to get rid of her. However, the girl escapes unharmed. A police officer escorts Emily and Lilith to a temporary place to sleep. As Emily is following the police cars, she suddenly takes a different route and drives her car at a high speed and then drives the car off a pier. As the car sinks Emily exits the car, but as she swims away, Lilith grabs her leg. Emily struggles to break free until Lilith finally lets go as the car continues to sink. She climbs back ashore, relieved to be rid of her.

Cast List:

  • Renée Zellweger as Emily Jenkins
  • Jodelle Ferland as Lillith “Lily” Sullivan
  • Ian McShane as Detective Mike Barron
  • Bradley Cooper as Douglas J. Ames
  • Callum Keith Rennie as Edward Sullivan
  • Kerry O’Malley as Margaret Sullivan
  • Adrian Lester as Wayne
  • Georgia Craig as Denise
  • Cynthia Stevenson as Nancy
  • Alexander Conti as Diego

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