Gone Girl

gone girlGone Girl is a 2014 American psychological thriller film directed by David Fincher and written by Gillian Flynn. Set in Southeast Missouri, the story begins as a mystery that follows the events surrounding Nick Dunne (Affleck), who becomes the primary suspect in the sudden disappearance of his wife, Amy (Pike).


A Missouri couple had a great life in their house, but it all changed when their 5th wedding anniversary occurs. Nick, the husband now realizes that his wife, Amy has gone missing. He calls the local authorities for reporting the situation. Along with the time and the local searching program, the progress becoming blurred between Nick’s version of the story or the new investigation result – that Nick suspected of killing his wife. Now, Nick struggles for convincing the media, telling them if he didn’t kill his wife, and probe the cryptic clues from his own wife.gone girl 2

Cast List:

  •  Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne
  • Rosamund Pike as Amy Elliott Dunne, Nick’s missing wife
  • Neil Patrick Harris as Desi Collings, Amy’s ex-boyfriend
  • Tyler Perry as Tanner Bolt, Nick’s attorney
  • Carrie Coon as Margo “Go” Dunne, Nick’s twin sister
  • Kim Dickens as Detective Rhonda Boney, the lead investigator on Amy’s disappearance
  • Patrick Fugit as Officer James Gilpin, Boney’s partner
  • Missi Pyle as Ellen Abbott, a cable TV host based on Nancy Grace
  • Emily Ratajkowski as Andie Fitzgerald, Nick’s mistress and student

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