Questionnaire- Thriller

  1. How old are you? Please tick

2. What gender are you? Please tick


3.Do you like Thriller films? Please circle

Yes                    No

4.What is your favorite thriller film and why?


5. What subgenre of Thriller are you most drawn to? Please circle

Crime       Sci Fi       Action       Physiological       Drama

6.What do you most like about thriller movies? Please circle

Suspense    Mystery     Confusion

7. Do you think a soundtrack adds effect to the trailer? Please circle

Yes                    No

8. In the opening of a thriller how much of the plot do you think should be revealed? Please circle

As much as possible     As little as possible     Not at all

9. What do you find to be the most important element within a thriller? Please circle

Setting     Props     Costume     Lighting     Sound     Plot

10. How do you think the opening of a Thriller should open? Please circle

Chase scene       Everyday life       Flash-back      Present time


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