Film Narrative Theorists

A Narrative is the process of balancing what we see, hear and we assume. It is to do with the order of information is presented (usually linear).

There are 4 main theorists:

  1. Levi-Strauss looked at conflict narratives and believed it was based on binary oppositions (good/evil)
  2. Tzvetan Todorov believed the same narrative structure could be applied to any story; equilibrium, disruption, recognition, repair, return to equilibrium.
  3. Edward Branigan believes that people remember stories in terms of “categories of information” and that narrative is an “activity that organizes data into a pattern which represents and explains experience”.
  4. Vladimir Propp was a Russian critic of fairy tales. He outlined 32 categories within fairy tales, the main 8 are; the hero, the villain, the donor, the helper, the princess, the dispatcher, the false hero and the princess/ heroines father.

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