Title sequence analysis -The Shining

the-shining1Character types :In this title sequence you don’t see a character; this creates anticipation throughout the audience as they want to know who the Protagonist is going to be. This anticipation is helped by the fact that we only see a Yellow car.

Camera : The camera shots are mainly establishing shots that move and follow the car throughout the opening titles. The use of the Establishing shots is significant as its shows how vast the landscape is and how far away from any towns or buildings it seems to be. One shot is a jump shot. This is when it jumps from a Spring/Summer shot to a winter shot.

Sound: Immediately when the scene first starts it’s straight in with intense music. This is a representation of how the plot will go. By hearing this music it excites the audience as from how the music sounds- the plot will be quick paced and full of excitement.

Mise En Scene :In this sequence, the only thing shown is a yellow car. This is significant as it relates to the isolation of the rest of the film. When watching the opening titles the car is travelling through trees on a road that looks dangerous and completely off the beaten track.

Titles :The titles are fast moving and this shows that even though the actors and directors are important they don’t want to draw attention away from the scene.



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