Evaluation 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

I attracted an audience for my film by showing it to different groups of people so i could get feedback. After watching the film i gave them my questionnaire so i could gauge an idea of why, if they did, like the film. I filmed 2 peoples reactions to the film as they answered the questions which are on a separate blog post called “Video Questionnaire”. To attract the younger target audience i was going for i made a post social media on Facebook with a link and screenshot to my film on Youtube. I asked for anyone to message me with what they thought about the film.


I got a few responses and here in an example of a 18 year olds feedback:


I also decided to do another post on a different social media site called ‘Instagram’ as it is the other main popular site that my target audience use:


I received messages on “Instagram Direct’ which is a way Instagram lets people directly message each other, here is an example of one of the messages with feedback:




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