Evaluation 4

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

After filming my preliminary task i have definitely learnt a lot. I was originally working with someone else and we were in a group together in media but after filming i realized that for my final film i should work by myself. We found it hard to co ordinate all our ideas together and for us to both be happy with the outcome. We both had different ideas for a final piece and decided that we should both just focus on our own ideas. We also realized that it would be hard for us to film together as we live far away from each other so if we had a day for filming it had to go back after to shoot more it would be difficult.

For our preliminary task we were also very unexperienced with using all the filming equipment and cameras and we didn’t really know or understand what we were doing with it. After this it meant i could go and actually learn what each equipment does and how it helps when filming. For example using any stabilisersĀ for some of the running scenes.


With the location of the preliminary task i did also learn that the location is going to give a different type of feel to it at different times of the day. When we filmed it we did it i the evening as it would give a darker effect to it opening shots however i didn’t realize that at this time the boiler room where we filmed it at school would turn on so the background noise would be really loud. I also learned to be more prepared and to make sure to film it on a day where all the actors could be there.

For the preliminary task we had to postpone the original night we were going to film as one the actors cancelled due to a rugby fixture this meant that we then had less time to edit. For the original film i had to make sure we started early around 10am as it was filmed in January time so it got dark very quickly but at first i strolled to find a day time as weekdays Alexandra goes to school and weekends she goes to work so i had to wait for a day she could book off work to film.


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