Evaluation 3

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Throughout the production and post production stages of my film i have faced a few challenges and setbacks to the technology side surrounding my film.

For the preliminary task i used basic software called ‘Windows Movie Maker’ which was already on my laptop. I firstly decided to it for my final film but then realized that it wasn’t as detailed and didn’t give me a lot of the effects i wanted to use. I then asked to borrow my friend, Jades laptop as she had an I Mac so it meant i could use her ‘I Movie’ software which is much more technical.


By this point i had already edited the basic cuts of the film and most of the sound effects and music. I tried to transfer this from my computer to hers but because it wouldn’t save in the right format it meant i couldn’t use it so i had to start all over again! After deciding to scrap my first cut edit i started editing on her laptop but this was a struggle as i had no idea how to use the software. It was really complicating to me as it was my first using it, i slowly got used to editing on it so i could make the film how i wanted it to look. It was also more difficult as i only had certain time slots to use it to edit as she also had work to do on it. The meant i could only edit during my free periods and after school.

I decided i wanted to have different sound music in my film but i found it hard to layer this in different times with the editing. For example when he entered back into the room where Eve was being held i wanted another piece of dramatic music to add even more tension but i couldn’t edit it into the original copy and still have the fading to black to open it. I also found music that i wanted to use on a website called ‘Epidemicsound.com’ and the piece of suit was called Captured but i then struggled to download it onto Jades laptop as the file was too big and she didn’t have enough storage.


So i then had to use a different piece of music which was already on the software. Ialso couldn’t add i music as i had already saved the film so i couldn’t overlay more music on top of the original music chosen. I also decided to use a tool which toned down the saturation and colour of the film. This made the film look more mysterious and eery. I decided to not do it dramatically though as i didn’t want to take the attention away from the action and what was happening in the film.



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