Evaluation 7

What kind of media institutions might distribute your product and why?

After looking and researching about different types of media institutions i decided that a British independent company is most likely to distribute my media film.

I think this as unlike independent companies, large institutions such as Warner Brothers focus more on high concept films such as The Dark Knight Rises and The Lego movie. All the films that Warner brothers distribute are known for their special effects, such as IMAX in The Dark Knight Rises and A list actors such as Michael Caine which are both two aspects i haven’t included in my film. Their chase scenes are less of running which i use in my film, but more special effects,high concept, expensive fast car scenes which i wouldn’t be able to do.

For example:


In my film unlike a high concept hollywood blockbuster, the location i use is unknown which is due to my low budget and access to anywhere near by which is known as i live in a rural area. Although this may be seen as a bad thing, to me it is still a positive factor as it means it can target a more specific audience which then makes it popular within that social group and in my area of Norfolk.

As i think it would most likely be distributed by a independent film company i think specifically it would be Film 4.

Film 4 distribute films that are independent such as Inbetweeners and This Is England. It would be suitable to distribute my film as they look for films which are based on British talent and content or a message which isn’t often herd. My film has more of a raw and controversial type of message. It shows a man being extremely violent to a young girl which can disturb an audience. A large company such as Warner Brothers wouldn’t want to distribute this as it would have a smaller audience so there would be less profits. Film 4 wrote on their website that they focus on “distinctive voices and work that push the boundaries, within any given genre”, which is exactly what my film is like. Film 4 also distributed a film call “12 Years a Slave” which shows the racial divide and a strong message through a man trying to get freedom. One of the scenes shows a women being beaten and whipped by a man which is on the same lines as my violent scene although it is a lot more detailed and disturbing as in my film you don’t know what happens to her.



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